Filmfools Post - due Monday, October 1st

Blog Post #3: Inception

Due Monday, October 1st Did the top fall or didn't it?  Many theories have abounded about that very issue, which in and of itself is a testament to the impact of Christopher Nolan's Inception.

There are two parts to this post:

Part One: come up with your own theory on the top, and thereby Cobb's, ultimate fate based on the elements of plot and point of view we covered in class.

Part Two: compare and contrast your theory with the other online theory and post your findings, deciding which one is the best answer.

Kofi Outlaw over at Screenrant has some interesting ideas *see the pasted article below.
Click here to find some plausible theories.
Click here for Inception as a metaphor for film making.
Click here for the Inception is actually on Cobb theory.
Here is an interesting take on the names.  Here is another.
You may also search other theories online.

In the end, ponder the words of the director himself, Christopher Nolan:

“There can’t be anything in the film that tells you one way…

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