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Paintings in Skyfall - Final Blog Post Due Sunday, December 16th

The allusion to various works of art in Skyfall makes an important contribution to the depth of the film.  Read the following articles that explain the backgrounds of the paintings and their contributions to the characterization of different characters, including James Bond.  Pick your favorite painting and write a paragraph about why you think the director chose to include that painting in Skyfall and its symbolic importance to one character from the film.

The "Fighting Temeraire" Tugged to Her Last Berth to be Broken Up, 1839. article here
Joseph Wright of Derby's Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump, 1768 article here

 Thomas Gainsborough's The Morning Walk,1785 article here
Modigliani's Woman with a Fan painted in 1919 Story here

 Thomas Buttersworth's H.M.S. “Victory” heavily engaged at the battle of Trafalgar, 1825 article here

This posting is a SUMMATIVE assessment (70% side of your grade) worth 30 points and is due by Wednesday, December 19th.
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