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Mad Max: Fury Road - Blog Post

As we study Mad Max: Fury Road for characterization and theme development in film narratives, at times it helps to look at other analysis of films.  Angie Han from Slashfilm wrote an article discussing the role of masculinity in Mad Max: Fury Road.  In her article, Han provides great insight into both theme and characterization. Kat Overland wrote her article focusing more on Mad Max: Fury Road's (and the Mad Max franchise overall) depiction of disabilities.

You need to read one of the articles and respond to at least one idea Han or Overland puts forth about the film and its approach to masculinity (responses need to go beyond "I agree/disagree" - explain why you have your opinion and support your opinion with references from both Han's article and the film).

Click here for Angie Han's article.

Click here for Kat Overland's article.

Due Monday, November 12th 

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